Purchasing a New Puppy

If interested in a puppy from Pets in the County please begin by emailing and requesting information on your desired breed.



  • We do not take deposits until AFTER pups are born but we do take “reservation for a waiting list”
  • Once pups are born and a few weeks old we take pictures and email everyone on the waiting list to see if still interested.
  • At that point you can place a deposit via Email Interact Transfer.
  • If families do not want to place a deposit they can still be on the waiting list – but deposits take priority over non deposit appointments.

Puppy Selection

  • Families will be able to choose a puppy based on the order of deposit received.

Visiting Your Puppy

  • Pictures will be sent periodically.
  • We wait for any visiting until puppies are around 7 weeks old, vet checked, vaccinated and dewormed.
  • At the time of visit the puppies should also be ready to be taken home.
  • We can hold a puppy for up to 7 days after choosing. 


  • By you placing a deposit we (Pets in the Country) make a commitment and obligation to you to save a puppy. 
  • We hope that the commitment on the part of the family is well thought out before placing a deposit therefore our deposits are non-refundable.
  • Deposits are not required for the purchase of a puppy and we can schedule appointments for available pups.
  • Because we do ask for a deposit without seeing the litter before 7 week of age we are more than willing to move the deposit to a future litter if the timing or circumstances are not suitable or if you come and view the available pups and find no suitable match for your family in the litter for the deposit placed.