How to find a quality Veternarian

I encourage everyone to find a vet BEFORE you need a Vet. In cases of emergency it is best to have a good, qualified, dependable and trustable vet available.

Word of Mouth is the best method of finding a reputable vet. Ask friends, neighbours and coworkers for referrals. Ask specifically why they like their vet.

Find a convenient location – close by is not always the best. Great Vets are worth the drive.

Comparison Shop. There can be a wide price variation between vets.

Make a short list and visit the clinics – arrive early, sit in the waiting room and look for a well-organized office.

Check out the range of services and treatment areas

Ask specific questions on what happens in case of emergency. Is there after hours clinic?

Confirm the Veterinarians status. Confirm that your vet has a licence and check to see if they have ever been disciplined for an offence.