Thanks for blessing us with such a great pup

Hello Helena,
How have you been? We wanted to give you an update with some pictures of our little boy which we named Jakson. 

Jakson has been a great addition to our family.  The first week was a little rough throughout the night with getting up to go to the washroom but he was been doing great ever since.  He knows a majority of the basic commands now, sits on call, goes to the front door when he needs to go to the washroom, responds very well to his name and is very nice and friendly with the kids and other pets.  He has adapted very well to his crate when we are away at work. 

He is very loving and caring and is always a pleasure to be around.  He has been very good on walks at night throughout the week and is always super excited and knows where home is at the end of each walk. 

We absolutely love him from the moment we picked him up July 10th.  Thanks for blessing us with such a great pup.