She makes everyone so happy, even our cat

Hi Helena,

Madi is doing awesome. She has already adjusted to her home, cottage and family. She sleeps beside my bed every night and wakes up with me every morning, when we get up she gets so excited!

I just started school again and when I get home she is there waiting at the bus stop for me and then we walk back to our house together. She makes everyone so happy, even our cat, Copper!

Copper and Madi chase each other and play with each other and this morning I even saw them sleeping on the floor together.

Madi has gotten a little bigger.

She sleeps in the car and plays outside.




Oh you asked her weight at the perfect time! Three days ago she went to the vet for shots, while she was there she got weighed... she is 11 pounds! She still feels very light and she loves to be picked up. Now that I mention it, I have a story for you...

Madi can climb up onto my mom's bed by herself, so whenever she goes up it's because there is someone up there, and when whoever is up there goes off the bed she will want off. And when you stand at the side of the bed and tap your chest she will jump into your arms. She is so cute. She knows how to sit, shake a paw, stay, and speak.

We took a lot of pictures of Madi and I can ask my mom today if she can help me send you a picture.

She looks pretty much the same but she is growing a little cute beard and you can see her size difference from when we got her.

Hope to hear again soon, Mckenzie